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TikTok for Businesses

How we get your business onto TikTok, drive growth and expand your reach

TikTok Management

TikTok being the new kid on the block, has quickly grown to the coolest kid on the block. The content present on this channel is attention catching and creative, allowing you to reach a new audience through unique content. 

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NFT/ Web3 Service

Our NFT agency is a global brand driven by the international community. Our professional team covers all the processes that are connected with the launch of NFT collections, including design, marketing, and blockchain development. We are one of the few teams on the market that have helped clients to sell-out million dollar projects.

Design & Art

The design is a fundamental part of any NFT project, regardless of its idea or goal. Our team has a proven track record of success in the NFT area. They are masters in their fields of 3D and 2D illustrations, animations and production management. But the most important thing is that we love what we do


NFT & Crypto Marketing

Reach millions of potential investors with quality marketing campaigns with our 24/7 Community Management, engaging activities, Anti-spam & Anti-phising services. Get in touch with people who are considered key opinion leaders in the NFT space. Leverage their credibility and massive following to reach your target audience effectively. Increase the reach and credibility of your NFT collection with a strategic release on world-famous crypto and NFT sites and blogs. Reach additional buyers through the smart shilling practices executed by our professional team

Blockchain Development

We  have been helping businesses and individuals implement projects in the field of fintech and blockchain – from wallets to cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, our company can help you both create a marketplace from scratch and clone an existing platform. Experts comprehensively assess the needs of the client and create on the basis of the task a completely ready-to-launch platform with a good design and simple controls that will be understandable even for novice users of the market.

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We create custom strategies to help your company rank high and appear in valuable search results as we drive lasting results for your business. 

Email marketing

Connect with your customers via email to keep your current customers aware of new products, discounts and other details relevant to them. Keep your customers informed and engaged between purchases.

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Event Management

We help you bring your vision to life! We will handle all your needs from A - Z, down to every last detail. We are the facilitators of your ideas; working hand in hand, our number one goal is to surpass your expectations and make your event unforgettable

Content Creation

We create content that makes you want to STOP scrolling. Short-form, eye catching, trending visuals that organically reach a wider audience. Grow your audience and brand advocacy through unique content creation.


Channel Strategy

Want to envision what the platform has in store for your business? We create tailored channel strategies that cover all the bases from A – Z. We take a deep look into your audience behavior, dig deep into your competitors’ playbook and provide you with all that you need to know about platform opportunities.

Community Management

Someone slid into your DMs? Well we got to it first. Never have to worry about the heavy lifting when it comes to Community Management. With consistent content launches, audience growth, social listening and community engagement can be a bit too much to handle, so take a seat back and let us handle all that.


Influencer Marketing

Who hasn’t bought or tried a product after viewing it on an Influencer's page? Well, time to turn the tables. Incorporating Influencers with your brand to boost your brand awareness to a whole other level.

Paid Ads

While TikTok is all about organic reach, Paid Ads is also an option. Want to boost a specific campaign? Gain general Brand Awareness? Increase your Conversion Rates? You set a goal, and we make it happen.

Work Desk

Reporting & Insights

Have you reached your goal? How close are you? Stay updated on all your insights with our efficient reporting.


Looking for creative video production? We work across many industries delivering branded, full service video production. Whether for Social Media, Online Ads or Tv Ads, we do it all! Our team of videographers provide you with the highest quality videos that will knock your socks off!

Photography Light


Menu photos? Billboard Ad? Magazine Spreads? Social Media Content? We do it all! High quality photos to capture your brand. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and our pictures will simply take your breath away!

Social Media Management

People are buying what we are selling! Want to get the job done efficiently and effectively? You are looking in the right place! Tailored content customized for you and your brand to engage your audience and grow your following! We manage all your social media needs.


Talent Management

Who doesn't love magic? Keep the party alive with Atlas the Magician. Sit back and let him blow your mind with amazing illusions, spectacular mentalism, and versatile card tricks. If you want to add a special magic flavor to your special event make sure you contact us today, so we can assist you in booking the best magician in Dubai

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